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TWO WEEK MAKEOVER meets The 21 Day Challenge

Drop two dress sizes, 10 pounds, or 7" gone - GUARANTEED! 

5/4 OPEN HOUSE - Drawing to win a free Endermology** Skin Treatment

3-5 PM 

** value $110

A multi-platform Two-three weeks of intensive massage therapy including Deep Tissue Massage, Myo-Fascial Release, and Manual Lymphatic drainage (Lypossage), as part of a complete package along with Red Light Therapy*, Client Education, Weight Counseling and top hand picked products. This program is designed to kick start your best unique body or prepare for an upcoming life event fast. Clients are encouraged to adhere to the program with all earnestness for better results, but no lifestyle change is necessary to achieve guaranteed results. The effects on the body will be reduction of muscle imbalances, aches and pain, whole body detoxification, increased blood flow and circulation, clearer skin, brighter eyes, more energy, and a trimmer tighter body and mind.


"I'm so happy with my results! I was expecting to see the changes in my body, but I never anticipated how good I would feel in my psyche!" To be able to walk down the aisle and feel like a princess inside and out. Thank you for making my special day even better!" Ann H., W. Hartford, CT

"I have to be honest, I was skeptical... I've tried a lot of diets in the past, but your combination of therapies provided the results I really needed! Thank you for helping me kick start my new body on my path of wellness!" Beverly S., Avon, CT

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