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Jewelry Designs by Jozef.  14 K, Sterling and Genuine Stone Jewelry Inspired by Nature's Geometry.
Joseph Sabo is a master goldsmith and jewelry designer with over twenty years experience.  He is also a musician, metaphysician and alternative health practitioner with certifications in Meridian Therapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and many other modalities. Through his training in Quantum Touch, Chi Gong and hands on healing, Joe has discovered how to capture the inherent power of Gems, harness the energy of  sacred symbols and shapes and and channel and tune them  through jewelry to strengthen and vitalize those who wear them

Due to frequent psychic experiences as a child and teenager, Joe has had a life long intense interest and pursuit of the mystical and metaphysical. For over thirty years he has been involved with many organizations such as the Theosophical Society, Eckankar, The Rosicrucians and The Golden Dawn.  From his study of comparative religion, Initiations from living masters and membership In several Mystery Schools, Joe has developed an eclectic approach to metaphysics and mysticism with a strong emphasis on the integration of mind, body and spirit. He offers a much deeper and detailed understanding of the inner worlds (planes) and the journey of the soul and spirit after death.  Joe’s students and clients gain a historical and experiential perspective of the metaphysical as well as insights into ancient and modern discoveries in subtle energy (chi/prana) research. 

The main emphasis in all Joe’s classes is to assist people to have a richer understanding of the meaning and purpose of life and how to live life to the fullest.

Over the years, Joe has taught classes on such topics as Meditation, Healing with Gems and Crystals, Cabbala, Huna, Tarot, Experimental Psychotronics (Radionics, Psionics, and The Mystery Schools...

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